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Being an Android Developer, I need to constantly visit blogs, tutorial websites regularly to keep me updated. Recently, I found out a website that has aggregated best resources related to android. Some of them are:
  1. Android Developers Blog : Official Google blog for Android Developers. Here you can find news, tips and tricks and development examples. It’s also worth browsing through the blog’s archives on the sidebar as some of the posts are really meaty.
  2. Android Official Developer Website : Official Android site that provides guides, references, SDK, etc. You can also get news and announcements from the Android team. Don't forget to check out the "Developer Stories" section for other developers, their apps, and success stories with Android and Google Play.
  3. Vogella : Goldmine for Android developers. Here you'll find very comprehensive tutorials about Android development and related topics. Vogella is a German company based in Hamburg. It provides consulting and development services in the field of Android.​
  4. Romain Guy : An excellent personal blog by Romain Guy, a key Android framework engineer at Google. He recently published a new article on Medium — A better underline for Android, don't miss it if you are curious about interesting ways to use Android’s graphics APIs.
  5. Android Weekly : It's a weekly Android news aggregation site that covers a broad range of topics like tutorials, screencasts, news, etc. Just everything that's awesome in the Android Development world. Highly recommend to subscribe it.
  6. Cyril Mottier : ​Cyril Mottier is a mobile product devsigner & Google/Android expert. Like he says he loves pushing the limits of Android. His blog is a fantastic resource with posts of great depth. Cyril is currently Head of Mobile & Web at CaptainTrain, a French online travel agency which provides a booking platform for purchasing train tickets in Europe.
  7. Android Tutorials by envatotuts+ : Envato Tuts+ creates courses & tutorials to help you learn creative and technical skills at every level from beginner to advanced. Its Android category is full of thousands of free Android dev tutorials, which you've got to learn to make your app.
  8. ongoing by Tim Bray : Tim Bray was a former Google employee. He joined Google as a developer advocate in 2010, focusing on Android and then on Identity. He left Google in March 2014. His blog (also called Ongoing) launched in Fe­bru­ary of 2003, covering topics including truth, tech­nol­o­gy, and business.​

You can find full list of resources here. Happy Developing :)

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